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‘Babe, I can’t find my black trouser’, “which black trouser?”, she asked, ‘my black trouser naa, the one I wore at our wedding, I’ve looked for it everywhere, I’ve checked the entire clothes in my wardrobe, still can’t find it.’ Then Babe asked me, “have you found out if it’s among the clothes you gave Wale (laundry man) to iron?” I answered, ‘I doubt, but I’ll call him.’ So, I called Wale, ‘Wale abeg, help me check if any black trouser de among those my clothes…’ Wale called back shortly to say “Bros no black trouser de here only navy-blue chinos.” I was already getting more worried. Babe went on to ask, “What of your other black trousers naa?” I replied, ‘I wore the other one to Umuahia on Friday, its dirty, it’s already in the laundry basket.’ “Babe!” I asked, ‘are you sure it’s not among the clothes washing inside the machine?” But I knew it could not be because I had not worn that very black trouser in a while. Babe said to me, “AB wear one of your other black trouser for church tomorrow naa, later you look for that one.” I sat back in my bed worried and feeling pained, wondering how on earth will I lose one of my favorite black trousers? I searched further but to no avail and I went to bed unhappy.

The above transpired last Saturday as I was putting together in my usual way, what I’ll wear to church service the next day. I’m one of those men who believe any serious fashionable man should have more than one pair of black pants, so I actually do have at least more than two, maybe more. In fact, last two weeks while shopping for fabric for my clients, I stumbled into this black trouser fabric I liked, and I got me some to add one more to my list of pair of black trousers. Yet I’m still feeling bad at the loss of one pair.

When I woke up the next day, Sunday morning, I started having some serious thoughts running through my mind. How on earth will I be feeling sad over my missing black pair of trouser, despite the fact that I have a few others? The spirit of God began ministering to me, and said to me, “Abraham that’s exactly how the Heavenly Father feels over one lost soul, despite the many other Christians still in the faith” God said to me, “Abraham, the same pain you feel over one missing trouser, despite the several other you have in your wardrobe, that’s exactly how I feel each time one soul slips away.”

I know I felt like my wardrobe was suddenly empty when I could not find that one trouser, and I kept searching for it bitterly. Do you know that’s the same emptiness God feels in his kingdom, each time he looks out and doesn’t find you? Despite the fact that he has many other faithful children? Do you know each time you slip into sin, God still gets heartbroken? Do you know even as you walk away, He never stops calling out your name bitterly hoping for you to return?

Are you aware he has been waiting patiently for you to come back home? How long do you want to remain in sin?

“…there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” Luke 15:10

Please why not make heaven burst into joy tonight by taking a bold decision to take a U-turn back to God? I assure you will be glad you did.

(Please take out time to read the entire Luke 15). God bless you.

AB Emeruwa

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