In my 11 years of practicing Architecture, I have overseen building projects for CHRISTIANS who never poured a single drop of anointing oil at the laying of their building foundation, neither did they ever come to the site at any time with any Bishop or G.O. to pray over the project, and yet they got the project completed in very good time without any hassles. In this same 11 years, I have also overseen building projects where several bottles of olive (anointing) oil were emptied into the building foundation, some ‘BIG’ pastors came and prayed over the project and made all kinds of majestic declarations and 5 years later those buildings have not yet risen above the foundation stage.

This evening I sat back and asked myself why? I was only able to come up with one answer.
Christianity is not about drama and activity. The real deal is not in mere religious practices like the Pharisees of Jesus’ days, rather it’s in the things done in the secret place, the father & child intimacy built when no one else is around to watch. The discipline to plan and follow through to the deep teachings of Christ. You can go to church 7 days of the week, shout and clap the loudest when the song is on, dance the craziest even more than David did, show yourself every time and let everyone (including the pastor) notice your zealousness. Very fantastic – against those there’s no law. But if you don’t have a personal relationship with the Father, if you don’t know his voice, if you don’t have that private personal time where you wait on the Father to renew your strength, my brothers and sisters, you are just engaging in mere religious activities o!

Religious activities ALONE don’t produce results, relationship does. Do not ignore the assembling of the brethren, but don’t end it there please, desire to build an intimate place of communion with the Father, that’s where he reveals himself the most. That’s the place where being a child of God becomes sweetest.

AB Emeruwa

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