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While you go about your day’s duties, say a silent whisper to the Holy Spirit, fix a midnight appointment with him. Tell him you want to have an amazing time with him tonight, tell him that you’re really expectant, let him know how genuinely hungry you are for him. Let it be real, get home and get to bed as early as possible, be very deliberate about it. Set your alarm clock if possible. Wake up at night, find a very comfortable position, start with a good slow worship music collection if you need to, and bask in his presence. Speak to him and wait patiently for him to speak to you too. Remember wait patiently, especially for starters, (It may not come that easy, but it eventually comes). You will hear him speak, his voice is so sweet and re-assuring. He will tell you the mind of God concerning you. Have fun in his presence, it’s the sweetest experience ever.

Make this a daily ritual, but it will cost you. It will cost you some TV time, some extracurricular activities and it will require you dropping off some habits. Above all if you want this to be very effective, remember what David said? “… If I hide iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” So you might want to take that more seriously. But in the end it will be all worth it. A life totally “souled” out to Christ.

Remember, sometimes you will falter, just like every other habit you try picking up. Like missing your work out time, like failing to stick to your diet plan, you might miss out on this too sometimes. But don’t be discouraged, get back to it. Enjoy his presence, make it a consistent practice. Remind yourself each day how awesome your previous night’s experience was? Smile to yourself and tell the Holy Spirit

“I can’t wait for tonight.”

AB Emeruwa

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