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This evening as I stood on the pent floor of an on-going building construction my Architectural/Construction firm (BAM Design Consults ) is handling, looking downwards and all over at the mess all around, one thought I had always known reiterated on my mind, it really gets ugly before it gets beautiful.

It looks messy all around now, wood logs, concrete, block pieces and all sorts littered all over. Despite how hard we try to keep the site tidy, it still gets messy within few minutes into the day’s work. The carpenters form work and the uncompleted building just wouldn’t make any sense to passersby yet. But let the project just like all others before get completed, you’d want to stare endlessly at the beautiful structure that was made out of the mess you see now. You’d even want to take pictures of it. You’d want to come into the compound, take pictures beside the nicely finished walls and neatly arranged lawns.

Now, imagine someone comes around our project site, sees the mess all around and judges the final outcome of this project based on its present messy state, and probably writes off the building. Would I get angry? Of course you know I will not. I’ll simply tell him, wait till we are through with the project, because I can see what they can’t see.

Just like this building, same goes to other fields. Have you ever watched a tailor sew a dress? She will cut your beautiful and expensive fabric into pieces first before making something very mind blowing out of it. At first you might think your fabrics has been ruined, but just wait till she is through. Have you gone to a potter’s shop before? Boy you don’t want to be there, you will see them make a total mess of both themselves and the clay, but hello, just wait till the potter is through, you will see what lovely pieces the potters make out of a messy clay.

decorating a vase

And to you reading this post, what stage of your life’s construction are you at right now? Could it be you’re in a messy state right now just like this building I’m standing on? Could it be Life has broken you into pieces like the tailor cuts a piece of fabric? Is your life looking so messed up right now like the clay in the potter’s hand? Is every one wondering what kind of life you are building? Are people wondering where exactly are you headed?

I just have a word for you, your life just may not make sense right now true. But as an Architect, my eyes are gazed on what the final outcome of that building will be, the tailor is focused on the final look of that fabric she cut into pieces, the potter is focused on the final beautiful vase he’s about to make from that messy clay. I also want to plead with you, please stop focusing on where you are now. Look beyond your present mess. There’s a great boom that lies just ahead of your present gloom. Keep your eyes gazed on the price. Where you are now is not the end. Forget the naysayers! And if they ask again, “what exactly are you doing with your life?” Tell them… “You just wait till I’m finished”. God is not through with you yet. They can’t see what God sees in you, so don’t panic.

No matter what you’re going through now, just remember IT COULD GET UGLY, BEFORE IT GETS BEAUTIFUL!

You’ll win if you don’t quit!


AB Emeruwa

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