I always visit the salon once a week, mostly weekends. I also maintain just one barber, if my barber is out of town on a weekend, I’ll rather pass barbing for that week, than go to another barber. I have consistently maintained one barber for more than three years now. His name is Charles.

Some Saturdays ago, as usual I walked into the salon, and discovered Charles was not at his usual position. I asked others in the salon of his where about, they said in pidgin “Charles no de around today”. I stepped outside and gave Charles a call to find out his where about, and he said in pidgin “bros I don leave that place o, I no de with them again”. (Meaning he longer works there). I was surprised, and tried to ask why, what happened? And Charles said to me, “bros no worry no be phone talk, when we see I go tell you, all the same I de try set up for another place, when the place don set I go alert you”. I felt bad. As usual I’d rather not barb than have someone else touch my hair. So I drove back home that day looking a bit unkempt.

As a habit, if the weekend gets by without me having a haircut I’ll most likely leave it till the next weekend. So another weekend was at hand, Charles was not available still, perhaps I’d have invited him over for a home service, but I just did not think of that option. I tried falling back to a barbing shop I used to visit years back but I only left disappointed. That day I realized the importance of being so good at what one does.

Whatever you do in life, ensure to grow your skill to the point that people will go any length to demand your service. Grow your talent to the point where you become indispensable. Companies will hardly let you go if you are the best in your field. Charles my barber always tells me of his customers that will travel out and never let any one touch their hair until they are back from their trip. He is that talented. However this is not the crux of this story.

Fast forward a month later, Charles finally called me to announce he now has a new shop. So last weekend I visited Charles shop, I actually thought he got a new employer when I arrived there. So while he was barbing my hair, I asked him why he left his previous shop….

To cut the long story short, he had a fall out with his boss and he got fired. He told of how he had not been paid for almost three months. How his boss maltreats them… Apparently he lost his job.

At first he felt it was the end of the world, how could he get fired after working for his boss for so many years? He felt unfairly treated, but then that’s life for you.

Charles, braced up himself and decided to move on. He gathered all he had saved, and rented a shop. Charles told me, he did not have much, but the moment he rented the shop, people started throwing in help from all over. His customers started showing support financially. I was wowed when I visited his new shop. I never imagined Charles my barber will ever own such a lovely hair salon. Of course I threw in my own little support.

Today Charles is his own boss, no longer answering to anyone and is set to employ other barbers to work for him. Had he not been fired from his previous place of work, he would still be there lamenting of how he’s being owed for months. He would never have seen his ability to start running his own shop. Men would never have made moves to support his vision.

I have a word for someone out there, whatever vision God has placed in your heart, stop waiting for you to have all it takes, just get in the line of duty, as you proceed God will provide help and cause men to rise to your favor. If God has given the vision, he will sure make the provision but you have to start.

To someone else, if life has dished you hard blows that knocked you down, please don’t be discouraged. Refuse to stay down. God is setting you up for a ground breaking comeback. Get back up again.

You’ll win if you don’t quit.


AB Emeruwa


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