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Let me just drop this here. In case all you do on social media is just to show your fine face and fine clothes and for some people show off a fake life that you cannot afford in reality, then you are making a very huge mistake.

It was through social media that I got inspired to go into fashion design as business back in 2011. I have always loved fashion, even though I was already an Architect and was already practicing. My frequent posting of pictures with different lovely cloth styles inspired people to start contacting me to design clothes for them too. My very first client was Pastor Chukwudum Obi, though he probably does not know. He made me realize I could actually start making serious money from cloth making, without him even saying a word. He simply saw my clothes on Facebook and asked me to see him in his office, and then ordered for some clothes to be made for him and later asked me to make for his senior pastor too and that’s exactly how I delved into fashion. Since then I have made clothes for people I have never seen with my two eyes before both within and outside the country, just via social media.

After some years, for some personal reasons I decided to slow down on fashion and concentrate on my Architectural practice and also the work God has called me to do. I usually post my Architectural firm’s design here on social media too and you may not believe it but as a result of that I have built houses for people I have never met before with my two eyes. One of the biggest building projects my firm has executed so far is owned by a man I met on Facebook. We had been in touch for a while via Facebook and when he was ready to start building he called me and asked me to go check out the site and we started work. I never met him until the house was 70% completed, he was only sending money and I was sending him pictures because he lives out of the country with his family.

Currently, we are doing another building project for another man I met on Facebook too. I have never seen him with my two eyes before, right now we are about roofing that house and all he has seen is pictures of the construction, I am yet to meet him in person as he is based in the United States with his family. About 30% of the projects we are currently working on in my office is via clients who contacted us from either our website or our Facebook page or our Instagram page @bamdesignconsults. We have discovered the amazing result that can be achieved from carrying out paid adverts online and we are not slowing down on it. The world is moving fully digital and if you are dragging feet about cashing in on the power of the digital age then you are “sleeping on a bicycle.”

It amazes me how I see so many young people crying of no jobs, hopping from one job to another when the world has provided platforms for you to sell your craft and business and attract patronage at just little cost. Please if you are jobless and you keep searching for a job and you still use the whole time you have to show off your fine face and clothes and faking up the reality of your life on social media trying to make an impression on people who don’t care, please wake up from your slumber. Wise up! Thank you

AB Emeruwa

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